Smoked Turkey recipe

Posted by Geoff Maw on November 23, 1997 at 12:28:40:

I have been getting lots of requests for my "Smoked Turkey Recipe Via email so I am posted it again on the Forum. I gave away over 25 of my creations last year as xmas gifts. Here are a few tips for you. ONLY USE KINGSFORD CHARCOAL!!! The other brands do not burn evenly or as long. When starting the fire do not put to much charcoal in at one time, burning smaller amounts as you go along will mean better heat control and less waist. Make sure the turkey is on the top rack and that you keep the water tray full. Add the wood chips during the cooking process, again in small amount. I have found that it takes around 14-16 hours to cook a 10-12lb turkey during summer and as long as 20 hours during winter, outside air temp makes a big difference. I have never had a dry overcooked bird YET!! Now if you would like my secret recipie for making the average turkey into SUPER BUZZARD!!!
Here it is below. Good luck and let me know how it turns out...

Smoked "Super Buzzard " Turkey!

1 Fresh Turkey ( Completely Thawed )
1 Unpeeled Orange
1 Apple

Combine the Following:
Chopped Garlic
2 Onions
1/4 a Package of Bacon ( Optional )
1/4 Cup Sherry

Put the above in a food processor/blender and reduce till it is of a paste texture. Clean Turkey and then with fingers gently separate skin from meat at the breast, sides and leg area's. With fingers place above past up under the skin evenly. Then cut orange and apple into quarters and place them into cavity. Place Turkey in smoker, pour red wine or sherry over top of Turkey, cook and enjoy!!!!!

Geoff Maw