Re: Smoking a turkey(need help)

Posted by yarddog on December 22, 1998 at 05:05:03:

i would boost that cooking temp to 235-245 for decently slow cooking,
and definately knowing the grill level temp in relation to the IDEAL gauge is desired.
Note: when you get the grill temp to 250 set the IDEAL gauge with
the adjustment on the back so that the pointer is at the L, then
you will know that the IDEAL range is really ideal for slow cooking,
internal temp should be done in the deep thigh 185 is considered done, as the dark meat is
last to get done. you can try breast down to let juices settle. and
other juices will baste the breast, this also lets the steam coming up
from water pan hit the breast area.
but either way up or down it will be good.
check water pan in 3hrs refil with boiling water use a funnel thru side
dont lift lid.
check temp every 4hrs of steady cooking time so you have a time til
done estimate (check start internal temp os turkey).
add prestarted coals thru side door and stir coals occasionally.
chunks of favorite smoking wood occasionally.
some people use close to a tablespoon of salt to the brine with
other additive like bay leaf etc.

and cooking that turkey at higher temps is ok too....yarddog.