Re: Need Basic hints for smoking turky

Posted by Frank on December 16, 1998 at 13:18:11:

1. Check the archives as well as earlier posts on the forum.
2. Brine the bird overnight, use 1 TBS salt per quart of water,
also check archive for good spiced brines. You can get a food grade
bucket with lid for this purpose without spending a fortune
at a specialty store by going to the local paint store &
buying a NEW 5 gal bucket for about 5 bucks. It's the exact
same plastic.
3. If you don't use a seasoned brine, rub with you favorite spice
mix, any type of all purpose poultry seasoning will do. A little
olive oil/butter will help the rub to stick.
4. Cook at a higher temp than normal for smoking, say 300-325. It's
done when breast temp maesures 155 and legs are freely movable,
thigh temp will be somewhere around 180 (you can get a decent instant
read thermometer for a couple of bucks, use it and don't trust those
stupid buttons in the bird.If serving same day allow to rest for 20 mins
+/- with a loose foil tent so that juices will return
to the meat. If not let stand till cool, slice, pull etc, layer
in pan and reheat, covered, in slow oven 250 degress or so
till hot so as not to dry out/steam the meat to death.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck & Happy Q'in