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The first thing you have to understand is that your picture (referred to as image from now on) must be placed on a web page or server somewhere on the Internet.  You do not upload the picture to the these forums.

Some web pages you upload images to will not allow you to link to the images to preserve their bandwidth.  If you can't link to the image then it will not show up on the forums.  If you have a web page you should be able to link to the image.  But even if you can link to the image if it is viewed too many times on the forums it might be stopped by the hosting company.  BBQ Forum Hosting gives it's clients enough bandwidth and space that you should never have a problem hosting pictures on their servers.

There are services that will allow you to upload pictures to their web sites.  If you use such a service do not include the "URL, /URL or the IMG, /IMG" tags when you post the link in the forum.  Also, ALWAYS compress the pictures and resize them to no larger than 640 X 480 pixels. If you have your own web page you can place the images on it.

Or you can use a service such as  At this time they are free and let you link to your pictures.  However this may change at any time. 

One other consideration is that messages posted to the forums go into the archives and many wind up in the search engine.  If you remove the picture from the source it will no longer be visible in the archives and search engine.

Once the picture is in a place, where you can link, to the image you need to find the URL.  The URL is the web page address of the location of the image.  If the image is on a web page you just need to view the web page and "right click" on the image (were talking windows pc).   First I will show you how to get the URL from a web page and all other sources are similar.

You first find the web page you want to snatch the image from and right click on the picture you want to link to.  A box will appear and you then need to click on "Properties."

When you click on the properties link another box will appear and in this new and larger box is the address (URL) of the image.  It's the long string that starts with http://.....

Then you highlight the URL by left clicking with the mouse and "dragging" the highlight to the other end of the URL.  Once the URL is highlighted you then press the Ctrl key of your keyboard and the C key at the same time.  Nothing seems to happen when you do this but it copies the highlighted text to the clipboard of your computer.  Then you need to "paste" it in the proper place.  Cut and paste is a great trick that you will use a lot once you learn how to do it. 

Next go to the input form for your new message your about to post with your image in it.  Go to the "Optional Image URL" box and click one time in the box to place the cursor there.  Then press the Ctrl key on your key board and the V key at the same time and the URL is magically inserted into the Optional Image URL box.  You the fill in all the other field of the form and click the submit button one time and your message is posted to the forum with your picture and text  in the new message.

The picture will appear at the top of the message and you text will be below the picture.  Be sure to refresh the forum if your post did not appear. 

One word of caution.  If the URL you inserted is more than about 200 characters it won't work.  If this happens you need to shorten the URL using something like

If your using Netscape or Firefox browsers just right click on the image and you get the copyright notice and the properties box,  click on properties and another window opens.  You may need to re-size the new window to view the entire URL. 

Or with any of these browsers you can just cut and paste the URL from the browser and instead of putting it in the "optional URL box, put your link in the "Optional Link URL and give your link a title.  When people view the message there is a link below and if they click on the link it shows them the Image Gallery Page.

Now if you have a web page and you upload the image to the web page than the URL you put in the Optional Image URL box is as follows:  You can test this in a browser before you post the link in your new message.

Also your images should be around 500 pixels wide and around 50k. 

You can find even more image information at:


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