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Brick BBQ's

Build Your Own Brick BBQ Pit
These plans for brick BBQ pits are from "Today's Woman
Barbecue Cook Book" published in 1954. There are several
other pit plans in the book that I will add to the page

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Subject: Re: bbq plans
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 00:03:49 -0500
From: nightmantx <>

Ray!!! Howdy!!!
Thanx fer the interest..... This is just a ruff drawing of it....My grandfather built one like this fer me a long time ago...It was an awesome grill/pit/smoker..... Ya could grill on it...Steaks,burgers, and such....OR ya could put the griddle plate in place and do eggs, pancakes.. what have ya...Then by placing the firebox lid on it ya had an infinite temp. control smoker that ya could cold smoke salmon... the flapper door on the back of the firebox insert is what did the trick.... All of the shelves in the vertical were adjustable... by placing the shelf holders lip-plates between the bricks and mortar..... same with the hanging rods... He showed up one day and sez" Help me unload the cinder blocks" I ask what fer.. He said we're gonna build a pit fer your deck.... We off loaded the bricks then he stacked them the way he wanted them.. took the measurements fer all the
iron work ie; Firebox insert, grates/shelves, doors, ashpan and such and made all the componets ta fit the size of the thing.. Do'n that Ya could make it about anysize ya wanted to... If ya have any further questions.. I'd sure be happy ta try and answer them fer ya... Thanx again fer the inquiry... AND thanx fer provide'n the forum....

Banjo Butch

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